Regulations developed to maintain the beauty of our garden mausoleum area.

  1. Decorations are NOT permitted on stone area, sidewalks, or ground around garden mausoleums.
  2. A Bronze Plaque and Vase are the ONLY objects allowed on the Granite crypt Front.
  3. Crypt Vases are for SMALL flower arrangements only. Large arrangements tend to be removed by wind and may cause damage to vase and crypt front. They also impede on other crypt fronts.
  4. Wires, hanging wreaths or other objects hanging from vase or vase ring holder are NOT permitted.
  5. Decorations are checked weekly and those that have become unsightly or too large are removed, for the best appearance of your garden crypt as well as the cemetery. Someone must make this decision, and we hope you will appreciate that we make it as carefully as we can. We have no desire to displease you, and we leave the decorations on as long as their appearance is presentable. QUALITY NOT QUANTITY, makes Beauty.