The following rules and regulations answer the most frequently asked questions about permitted decorations and dates. The purpose of these rules, in the interest of all lot owners, is to maintain a beautiful cemetery through a program that permits proper and timely maintenance procedures at a reasonable cost. These objectives can only be achieved by the cooperation of all concerned.

For decoration, the year is divided into two seasons: Winter, the dormant time of the year, and Summer, the growing time of year involving major turf maintenance. The Winter season extends from November 15th to approximately March 1st and the Summer season extends from March 1st to approximately November 15th.

  1. Planting or digging of any type for any purpose, excepting by cemetery personnel is not permitted.
  2. Cemetery personnel will, at all times, exercise every reasonable care in handling decorations during maintenance operations. However, the cemetery or its personnel assumes no responsibility for damage or disappearance of any decoration or container devise.
  3. The cemetery or its personnel assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the retention or storages of decorations and/or containers removed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations.
  4. During the Winter season the following types of decorations are permitted:
    1. Bouquets or sprays of natural or artificial flowers in approved and firmly anchored containers.
    2. Winter wreaths that are securely anchored to the display device and/or to the ground.
    3. Grave blankets of an evergreen material that are flush with and securely anchored to the ground. Boxes or other devices beneath the blanket to elevate it are not permitted.
  5. During the Summer season the following types of decorations are permitted:
    1. Summer decorations are only permitted for a period extending from the third day before and ending the following Sunday (approximately 7 to 10 days) after each of the following special dates: EASTER, MOTHERS DAY, MEMORIAL DAY, and FATHERS DAY. If the owner does not remove these types of decorations at the end of each Special Date period, they will be removed and disposed of by the cemetery personnel.
    2. Bouquets or sprays of natural or artificial flowers, potted plants, wreaths, baskets, and small planters are permitted on the above Special Dates.
  6. Deteriorated, unsightly and inappropriate grave decorations, as determined by the Superintendent, will be REMOVED.
  7. Regardless of location, all trees, shrubs and plants, whether existing now or in the future are in the custody of the cemetery. None shall be planted, removed or pruned on any lot except with prior consent of the cemetery, but the cemetery shall have the right to plant, transplant, remove or prune it on any lot.
  8. Lot owners who own monument space of sufficient size may request plantings at their expense, of small or dwarf variety shrubs in the monument space. Such plantings must have the prior approval of the Superintendent as to location, type and size. All plantings are to be made by the Cemetery only.